Chocolate Cheesecake

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How does one enjoy two of the best delicacies in the world? Having both chocolate and cheesecake at the same time is the closest you can get to a heavenly cuisine without paying even half the price. There are many ways an ordinary person can enjoy this sumptuous treat without making up lame excuses to do so. The followings are meant to be read only by strict chocolate cheesecakes aficionados.

Holidays and Hard Days

Chocolate cheesecake can wonderfully liven up your cloudy days as well as add to the most exhilarating events of your life. It perks up a dull party, like who cares if it was the most boring party on earth; the cheesecake was worth staying around for. For unforgettable occasions, the cake will get everyone chatting about it for years to come. “Jenny’s party was so cool, remember the chocolate cheesecake?” No one will forget it.

No words of comforts are strong enough to lift me up when I am down compared to a slice of this heavenly delight, the delight of chocolate cheesecakes.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Sometimes I would save some chocolate cheesecake on purpose so I can enjoy this mouthwatering treat early in the morning with a cup of my warm coffee. The taste is just pure bliss. I would sometimes pack them up to supplement my lunch. It is also a great choice of light food to ‘clear the table’ after dinner. Well, then again, cheesecake is good for everything imaginable.

Surviving Through the Week

I don’t know about you, but I can’t get through Monday with out at least a little chocolate. And there is no better way to celebrate the long awaited arrival of Friday than a hearty slice of chocolate cheesecake.

Despite Monday and Friday’s indulgences to look forward to, I often motivate myself throughout the week with a little bite here and there of, you guessed it, chocolate cheesecake. I admit that my infatuation could be a bit disturbing to those weight watchers out there but if calories worry you don’t be miserable because there are sugar free cheesecakes available. They are almost everywhere, all you need to do is just ask for them.



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