You Don’t Need A Grill Cook Book, This Is How You Grill A Steak

Very little things are in life better than got to the backyard, fire your grill, get some beers and enjoy a perfectly grilled, juicy T-Bone or Porterhouse steak. Of course, there are many techniques in some books as well as some more opinions from friends who suddenly became Emeril’s relatives. Here, right now, you’ll find a simple technique that has work for me and my friends every time in getting a perfect steak.

The first thing to do is to choose a very good cut of meat. If you make friends with a butcher, this is priceless because he can help you with this important step. You are looking for a steak of at least 1 inch thick, no more than 1.5 inches. The meat must be fresh, that is, never accepting previously frozen meat.

Ok. The next step is to marinade the steak. When you marinade your steak, keep in mind that you just want to compliment or enhance the flavor of the meat and don’t change it. So, we can say that you don’t have to marinade the steak taking the risk to lose he flavor, but what you can do is to do it lightly just to tenderize the meat.

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Here’s a good recipe for marinade:

3-Cloves of Garlic, Peeled and mashed

1/4-Cup of onion (chopped)

12-ounces of dark beer

Fresh Ground Pepper (1tsp)

Cumin (1/4 tsp)

Salt (1/4 tsp)

Vegetable Oil (1/4 cup)

Dried Thyme (1/4 tsp)

Mix all the ingredients, place the steak in a container and pour the marinade on the steak, turn it over, put a lid on the container and refrigerate for 12-24 hrs.

Grilling the steak…

1. Take the steak out of the container and let it sit for about an hour to bring the steak to room temperature or close to it.

2. For gas grills; hopefully, you have a grill with two burners, so heat one part on high and the other on low. Apply carefully a good quantity of vegetable oil spray or pam to avoid sticking. Place the steak on the hot side of the grill for 1-2 minutes each side of the steak. Move it to the warm side of the grill and cook for about 9 minutes. The internal temperature should be 135F degrees.

For charcoal grills; do the same procedure, making one part of the grill the hottest possible and the other part a little less. The charcoals should turn white and you shouldn’t be able to keep your hand for 2 seconds over the hottest side of the grill. This is an indication that the grill is ready.

3. Let the steak rest by placing it on a plate and covering it with foil for about 5 minutes or so. This will help in making the steak tender and juicy because if you cut the steak too early, the juices will be hot, causing them to ooze out.

Cover the steak with foil for about 5 minutes. This will make it tender and juicy.



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