How to Choose Perfect Party Cakes for Kids

A birthday cake is not just a tasty treat. Today, they are creative masterpieces that are bound to woo anyone. From superheroes to fairies, creativity abounds when it comes to b-day cakes for children. Bakers these days are ready to experiment and are only happy to make any wish come true. We give you a few tips to choose the perfect party cake for children.

Make it personal

When you are ordering a cake for a kid’s birthday party, take the birthday boy or girl’s preferences into consideration. Boys mostly love jungle themes or planets and stars or trains or football and so on. For girls, it is mostly princesses, mermaids, flowers, cartoon characters, etc. The birthday cake is the centre of attraction in any birthday party so make it extra special. The birthday boy or girl should be delighted seeing it. You can even order a photo cake featuring your child. Whatever you order it should have a personal touch.

Take into consideration the kids’ tastes

Kids are fussy eaters, and they have strong likes and dislikes. And it applies not just for regular food items but cakes as well. For example, never order fruit cakes or carrot cakes, etc for a birthday party. It is always better to avoid anything with nuts. Most kids love to have plain milk chocolates. Similarly, when it comes to cakes too they love mostly classic flavours like chocolate or vanilla or red velvet or strawberry flavour, to name a few. When it comes to icing, always choose butter cream frosting, or fondant. In short, never try to experiment with flavours while ordering cakes for kids.

Add a fun element

Instead of ordering one single cake, you can order a small cake and many cupcakes. This will add a fun element to the party. And kids love cupcakes. You can order cupcakes, which are miniature versions of the birthday cake. You can also order plain cupcakes and ask the children to decorate them with sprinkles and other decorations or order cupcakes in different colours and arrange them in a fun pattern, or one that spells out your child’s name or ‘Happy Birthday’. The guests can either eat them at the party or take them home.

Take the headcount

Before ordering a cake, you should know how many guests will be attending the party. If you are not sure about the exact number of guests, you should at least know approximately how many people will be attending the party. You can take the help of the bakers to know exactly how many kilos or pounds of cake will feed a particular number of people.



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